All’s Quiet on the Eastern Front

Posted on: August 17th, 2011 by SECAG No Comments

There was very little rumors or information flying around the internet yesterday, so not much new to look at or think about at this point beyond all the same information.  I’m not even sure how to take this quiet except to hope that it means the work is being done and the two sides are being great about keeping all information in house for a change.  I’m still very hopeful and excited to hear when the announcement is made.

In the mean time to fill time I made myself a new schedule screensaver for our last season in the Big 12/10/9 and am posting it here in case any of you would like it as well.  For now the the only size I’ve made is 1920×1200.  If you would like a new size or even have change suggestions, let me know and I’ll get others put up as well.



If you would like the wallpaper, click on the image above or for a zipped version click below:

1920×1200 Wallpaper

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