Baylor Still Being Baylor

Posted on: September 8th, 2011 by SECAG No Comments

Well if you’ve been following along today you know that a lot has changed since this morning while almost nothing has changed. We still have the votes to join the SEC and we are still leaving and Baylor is still in our way.

Why? That is all that keeps running through my head and was running rampant around the twitterverse today. What is the end game in all this for the school that deserves to be and should most likely end up in a non-Automatic qualifying conference. We are leaving and all you are doing is burning bridges for future games and making a reputation that will do nothing but hinder your entrance into your next conference home. I mean really, holding A&M and or OU hostage is really going to make for a beneficial and stable conference going forward?! Everyone has carried Baylor since they weaseled their way into the Big 12-2-1 when it was created 15 years ago, yet 15 years and 18 Big XII wins later, the desire to hang with the “big boys” still runs strong in your delusional little Baylor heads. I mean Iowa State has even had “successful” years in comparison, but they know who they are and you are still Baylor.

Now let’s look at this from a little bit different perspective. I can’t see going to a new conference as anything but a positive for Baylor. Just look at TCU as a great example of a what a program similar to Baylor’s could build with a smart move. They win a lot and get tons of national exposure because of it. They recruit very well, win on a regular basis and get mentioned every year as a team that has a chance to push through because they set themselves up to succeed. The money initially lost with the move to a smaller conference can even start to be made up with the increased merchandising and ticket sales that come from having a successful program. They could likely have more say in the conference decisions and control as they would come in as a larger program and almost definitely have instant success against a less daunting schedule.

Now maybe none of that could actually happen, because let’s face it, Baylor is Baylor. They could very possibly and most likely will figure out how to get to the bottom of any conference they end up in and try to ride the coattails of their new conference mates, such as East Carolina and UAB.

When it comes down to it, this whole thing is beginning to piss me off, as it is thousands of other Aggies and SEC fans out there. The sooner this ends, the better everyone will be. The conference was getting out of our way in the best interest of everyone and the only thing holding us back at this point is Baylor still being Baylor.

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