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“All Nine”

Posted on: September 22nd, 2011 by SECAG No Comments

Those are my favorite words from all the events that occurred today,”all nine.”

In case you haven’t heard, the big twelve announced this evening that Dan Beebe would be stepping down as Big 12-2-1 commissioner. Former Big Eight commissioner Chuck Neinas will be filling in on an interim basis.

The league also announced the remaining nine teams pledged their tier 1 and tier 2 rights to the conference for the next 6 years. Everyone on that ride is on for a while it appears. The league on the verge of completely dissolving within the last week apparently has persuaded the 9 remaining members that this is in the best of all involved and this move is the beginning of rebuilding the stability that everyone is seeking.

As an Aggie, I can’t help but sit back and smile. As everyone of these teams was fretting and looking for a place to stay only to find themselves back together with all the reasons and schools they were looking to get away from, A&M sat on the sideline watching and waiting with the most stabil new home just waiting to be moved into.

Like I said, “all nine” were my favorite words of the day. Every time there was an interview, or a release, or a statement made, that reference was used. “All nine” schools decided this, or “all nine” schools are going to do that. Texas A&M is essentially as we’ve known, no longer in the Big 12-2-1. It’s just a matter of time till “all nine” schools say goodbye with a look of jealousy as we settle into our sweet new home in the SEC.

For another look at what happened and what was said today-
David Boren: Presidents agree to deal

9-15-2011 Updates

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While it continues to be oh so excruciatingly quiet this week, I have some quick updates as to where some things stand:

First off, the Aggies are gone. There is about a .001% chance of them going back to the Big 12-2-1. We followed the exit path set forth by the league, the SEC voted us in and now we are just waiting on everything else to shake out so we can officially accept that beautiful invite.

Now everything else going on isn’t so clear. First up is OU. They are apparently the last link keeping everyone from going on their merry way, and we may soon find out what their intentions are. They currently have a board of regents meeting setup for Monday, there are some very intriguing points of order in the agenda for that meeting. Here is the agenda, and I direct your attention to items 28 and 29.
OU Regents Official Agenda
As you can see, we should get a clear picture what direction OU, OSU and consequently the Big 12-2-1 will be going after this meeting Monday.

Now onto our good friend Ken Starr. It appears he decided this week was the week he needed even more help and headed all the way to Washington. That’s right K* is in Washington DC to try and scare up help for his lowly Conference USA bound bears. The beginning of this politico wrap-up gives a brief statement about Ken and his pleas in our Capital.
POLITICO Influence: Breaking: Ken Starr returns to Hill…
Why can’t Ken just move past all of this and see that he is doing nothing but hurting his own reputation(if possible) and that of his school? Baylor has the best team they’ve had in a long long time and that’s what he and his school should be focusing on. Instead of worrying about everyone else, worry about what they are doing themselves on the field and in finding the best future home of the Baylor Bears.

Lastly today we get to see what kind of fun those longhors are up to in Austin. It looks like one of Mack’s main men wasn’t being such a good boy and it got “ol’ Freak Nasty” into some trouble.
Cleve Bryant was fired for harassment

It’s been so slow with info about our move and everyone else’s this week that it’s driven me to focus on work and stay off the internet reading everything possible. Hopefully as we get through another actual game and move into next week starting with OU’s meeting we’ll have some more definitive information about our future as well as everyone else’s and we’ll try to keep you as up do date as possible as that happens.

OU Rumors Picking Up

Posted on: September 3rd, 2011 by SECAG 2 Comments

Here on the eve of the greatest day of the year – College Football Day – rumors have started to spread that Oklahoma University is starting to shop around for a new conference of their own.

David Boren, the President of OU, has been widely reported as having said, “The Big 12 is not the same Big 12, I was extremely disappointed when Nebraska departed. Disappointed when Colorado departed.” The future of the Big 12-2-1 is clearly looking bleak, which could be a great thing for us Aggies. With no conference to pay, we could be able to jump to the SEC free and clear of the hefty exit fees that many have projected.

Mr. Boren has also set up a fairly quick time frame for any move or announcements to be made by OU, saying, “My experience is that, in these kinds of things, it might be a matter of 72 hours, it might be a matter of two weeks, I don’t really think this is something that’s going to linger on beyond two or three weeks, from the outside.”

This is some big news from the giant that has been lurking in the shadows of TU, and should be a very interesting story to watch unfold in the next couple of weeks as we may be finally seeing the crumbling of the Big 12.

For more of what Mr. Boren had to say…Boren on Big 12, OU’s future in it.

8-16-2011 Recap

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Here is a pretty good recap on where everything stands right now by Brent Zwerneman of the San-Antonio Express.

“Aggies Inching Closer to SEC”

So Close I Can Taste It

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It looks like things have really picked over the last few days with renewed talks of Texas A&M leaving the little 12 for the SEC! Of course this is all going on while I am on vacation with little Internet access and more than enough fishing to distract me. I’ve been trying to catch up each night but know I’m not even close to keeping up with everything that is being said. Here is one nice little article/blog dispelling some myths that are swirling about the whole situation.

Dispelling 5 Myths of SEC Expansion

I hope when I get back to town on Sunday to wade through a lot of what has been written and put some stuff together here. Maybe if we are really lucky I’ll have to get my thoughts together on the move being finally announced, but I won’t count on it just yet.

Aggies to the SEC hope will never die!

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Here is a recent great article that was written by Billy Luicci of In it he discusses the current Aggies to the SEC climate:

Will A&M trigger the next realignment explosion?

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Here is another article that might push someone off the fence if they just weren’t sure about taking the SEC leap! It’s worth the read and I’m trying to hold back my excitement because I know this is all a slow process, but all the talk and thought of the Texas Aggies to the SEC heating up, really gets me going!

Texas A&M Bolting to the SEC Is Just a Matter of Time

It’s starting up again!

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I don’t really expect Texas A&M or any other little 12 school to really make a jump this soon, but count me in with the crowd of people that would be extremely excited about it. There has been a lot of radio chatter and internet babble about the Aggies to the SEC lately so I figured I should get back to actually using this site. So I plan to start developing and building starting very soon.

For now, here is an article with a scenario that I personally wouldn’t mind at all!

Texas A&M to the SEC? How the Big 12 Could Dissolve, Quickly.

Some articles on this new situation

Posted on: July 29th, 2010 by SECAG No Comments

Houston Chronicle – “A&M says Big 12 must fulfill pledge”

San Antonio Express – “Aggies to Big 12: Honor your promise”

Dallas Morning New – “A&M president: Big 12 should honor $20 million offer”

“Texas A&M showed heart in its brief SEC courtship”

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Texas A&M showed heart in its brief SEC courtship