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Official Announcement

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Texas A&M University to Join Southeastern Conference

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (September 25, 2011) – The Southeastern Conference Presidents and Chancellors, acting unanimously, announced today that Texas A&M University will join the Southeastern Conference effective July 1, 2012, with competition to begin in all sports for the 2012-13 academic year.

The addition of Texas A&M will increase the SEC membership to 13 institutions. It is the first expansion for the SEC since September of 1991 when the University of South Carolina joined the league. The University of Arkansas joined the SEC in August of 1991. With the addition of Arkansas and South Carolina, the SEC was the first conference to split into divisions and add a conference championship game in 1992.

“The Southeastern Conference Presidents and Chancellors are pleased to welcome Texas A&M University to the SEC family,” said Dr. Bernie Machen, chair of the SEC Presidents and Chancellors and president of the University of Florida. “The addition of Texas A&M University as the SEC’s 13th member gives our league a prestigious academic institution with a strong athletic tradition and a culture similar to our current institutions.”

“The Southeastern Conference provides Texas A&M the national visibility that our great university and our student-athletes deserve,” said Texas A&M University President R. Bowen Loftin. “We are excited to begin competition in the nation’s premier athletic conference. This is a 100-year decision that we have addressed carefully and methodically, and I believe the Southeastern Conference gives the Aggies the best situation of any conference in the country.”

Texas A&M, located in College Station, will also be the third institution in the Southeastern Conference to hold membership in the prestigious Association of American Universities, joining University of Florida and Vanderbilt University. Texas A&M has an enrollment of 50,000 students, ranking as the sixth-largest university in the country, with 360,000 former students worldwide.

Texas A&M also adds to the athletic excellence of the SEC. Last season, the Aggies won three NCAA team titles (men’s and women’s outdoor track and field, women’s basketball) and finished eighth in the prestigious Learfield Sports Director’s Cup all-sport rankings.

“On behalf of our presidents, chancellors, athletics directors, students and fans, I welcome Texas A&M University to the SEC family,” said SEC Commissioner Mike Slive. “Texas A&M is a nationally-prominent institution on and off the field and a great fit for the SEC tradition of excellence-athletically, academically and culturally.”

The Aggies sponsor 20 varsity sports. Men’s sports include baseball, basketball, football, golf, swimming and diving, tennis, indoor and outdoor track and field and cross country. Women’s sports include basketball, equestrian, golf, soccer, softball, swimming and diving, tennis, indoor and outdoor track and field and cross country and volleyball. Texas A&M participates in every sport sponsored by the SEC except gymnastics and the SEC sponsors every sport the Aggies participate in except equestrian.

9-15-2011 Updates

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While it continues to be oh so excruciatingly quiet this week, I have some quick updates as to where some things stand:

First off, the Aggies are gone. There is about a .001% chance of them going back to the Big 12-2-1. We followed the exit path set forth by the league, the SEC voted us in and now we are just waiting on everything else to shake out so we can officially accept that beautiful invite.

Now everything else going on isn’t so clear. First up is OU. They are apparently the last link keeping everyone from going on their merry way, and we may soon find out what their intentions are. They currently have a board of regents meeting setup for Monday, there are some very intriguing points of order in the agenda for that meeting. Here is the agenda, and I direct your attention to items 28 and 29.
OU Regents Official Agenda
As you can see, we should get a clear picture what direction OU, OSU and consequently the Big 12-2-1 will be going after this meeting Monday.

Now onto our good friend Ken Starr. It appears he decided this week was the week he needed even more help and headed all the way to Washington. That’s right K* is in Washington DC to try and scare up help for his lowly Conference USA bound bears. The beginning of this politico wrap-up gives a brief statement about Ken and his pleas in our Capital.
POLITICO Influence: Breaking: Ken Starr returns to Hill…
Why can’t Ken just move past all of this and see that he is doing nothing but hurting his own reputation(if possible) and that of his school? Baylor has the best team they’ve had in a long long time and that’s what he and his school should be focusing on. Instead of worrying about everyone else, worry about what they are doing themselves on the field and in finding the best future home of the Baylor Bears.

Lastly today we get to see what kind of fun those longhors are up to in Austin. It looks like one of Mack’s main men wasn’t being such a good boy and it got “ol’ Freak Nasty” into some trouble.
Cleve Bryant was fired for harassment

It’s been so slow with info about our move and everyone else’s this week that it’s driven me to focus on work and stay off the internet reading everything possible. Hopefully as we get through another actual game and move into next week starting with OU’s meeting we’ll have some more definitive information about our future as well as everyone else’s and we’ll try to keep you as up do date as possible as that happens.

Texas A&M There’s A Spirit 2011

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With little to no known movement on the SEC front over the weekend or this morning, I figured I’d give you something to get you excited. This is the newest spirit video from 12th man TV. It seems to be very well made for marketing Texas A&M as THE Texas team in the SEC

On the Eve of Secession

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It is widely known that the SEC Presidents met today to vote on extending the Texas Aggies the long awaited SEC invite. What has come from this meeting has yet to be officially announced, but it is being talked about as anywhere from a 10-2 to a 12-0 yes vote. Either way it should be announced very soon that we are heading East. On that announcement front, we are hearing that parking space and event space have been reserved and setup for a big event tomorrow at Kyle, and we can only assume that our coveted announcement will be happening tomorrow.

The last month of rumor and speculation has seemed like an extremely long one and the official announcement can’t come fast enough. I for one am going to be fairly useless at work tomorrow following twitter and refreshing my browser before enjoying some well made bourbon in celebration.

This is all obviously coming at a great time for Aggie athletics with just about every program on the way up, or already residing at the top of their game. This was none the clearer than Sunday afternoon at Kyle Field. Our Aggies showed up and took care of business the way a top 10 team should against a very good SMU football team. The crowd and atmosphere were electric, not just during the game, but all day. Walking across campus it just felt different. The tailgating was at full force, the amount of people on campus was amazing and the weather turned awesome, albeit windy, just in time for 86,000 plus to enjoy a great opening game.

I’m so excited for the rest of the season and seeing what this team can do as I’m sure so many others are as well. An announcement tomorrow will just top off a great first week of football and set our sporting year up for an amazing goodbye to the Big 12-2-1.

I would do a writeup on the game and go in to detail about the good and bad of our game Sunday, but I’m a little late getting to it with the holiday weekend and half way attempting to get caught up on work this morning and if you haven’t found a better one online by now well, you should.

On another note, I’ve done some remodeling around here as I’m sure you noticed if you’ve been here before. One addition I’ve made is that I’ve added a Media Page for pictures I’ve taken or images/videos/gifs I make. I added some of the pictures I took from Sundays SMU game to get it started for now. I also hope to get a page up for the wallpapers I make as well as a roster and schedules pages, but those will all come in time.

So thanks for stopping by and hopefully the next time I get something posted it will be as a proud fan of the newest SEC team. SECede!

SMU Game Highlights

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In case you weren’t able to make it to College Station yesterday, watch the game on TV or you just want to rewatch some of the great things that happened last night, here are the highlights put together by

September 4, 2011 Texas A&M vs SMU Game Highlights

I’ll be back later with some thoughts, observations and pictures from the game last night.

It’s Gameday In College Station Again!

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As it is gameday and all, I’m heading to College Station this fine September morning to join the 12th Man in cheering our Texas Aggie Football team. This is the final opener of our Big 12-2-1 stay and this season looks to be a great one.

I should have more on the game and the big week that is surely ahead of us as we officially make our SEC move, but for now, here is SMU’s roster and the first week depth chart for your Fightin’ Texas Aggies.

From – The SMU Mustangs Roster

From – The Texas A&M Aggies Depth Chart

Dearest Kyle Field

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Dearest Kyle Field,

Please, have a seat. You had a helluva run, old chap. But you’re very Big 12. We’ll try to be careful not to disturb the Revs and overall idea of you, but we’ve made the executive decision to go on and put you out to pasture.

If it makes you feel any better, we’re buying the largest football stadium in college football. You heard me right, the largest in the game. So please know that ONLY the biggest and baddest mf’er purchaseable under the sun is what did you in.

But the cash cow needs a new barn. And your barn is stinky and maxes out at 90 thou. Haha. 90 thou. That was nice when we lived on a Big 12 budget and we couldn’t rely on visitor ticket sales to even make a dent in the light bill. WE HAD TO PLAY IOWA STATE AT 2:30pm BC WE COULDN’T PAY THE LIGHT BILL!!

The SEC demands the best. And we’re simply not interested in going to the SEC to be middle of the pack. We’re far too wealthy and richly resourced for that bullshit. Matter of fact, starting next week, we’ll be restocking the tp in the Bright Complex with stacks of hundos. And Ol Sarge is replacing the stars and bars on his chest with gold nuggets. Just badass, plump gold Nuggets.

It’s been said that the SEC is an arms race. Well consider this our first third arm purchase. And it’s gonna be a motherfucker.

We wanna have this conversation with recruits:

“Hi Texas A&M, I am 4 star stud XYZ from Houston, can I please play football 1.5 hours from my house, in the SEC, in the largest college football stadium on Earth (112,000 seats), and win you Championships?”

“Well, as much as we’d love to offer everyone, our class has already been filled with 25 5 star SEC studs. We’d love to have you try out for the 12Th Man Kickoff Team as a preferred walkon though!”

“Done, coach. Thank you for the opportunity to compete for a position on the Fightin Texas Aggie team. Signed in blood. Maroon Blood. Kyle Field at Von Miller Stadium, here I come!!!”

Kyle, you’ve been great to us for so long, old man. You’ve seen em win and you only saw em quit under Fran a couple times. But the Aggie faithful won’t have a place to nestle in the sweet graces your holy bosom without this change. The SEC is going to find a way to weasel their way in through the sacred gates one way or another. They’re already buying up hotel rooms at the Ramada on Texas for 2012. They’ve got dinner reservations at Blue Baker! I PROMISE, we are only making space for the additional Aggie fans and 5 star recruit’s parents viewing boxes at Kyle Field.

It’s been great, Kyle. We’ll never forget the way you rocked. So hard. So very hard.


Thanks for the Welcome SEC – From new blogger BB_05

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Dear SEC,

Just stop it already. I don’t wanna hear about how glad you are to have The Texas Aggies in your conference. I’m sick of seeing your guest names on my websites. I Hate you. I don’t need your historical citations of conference brotherhood. I don’t care that we let you have a couple of our coaches. And I don’t want you posting SEC SEC SEC! on my facebook wall.

You think I’m starting this relationship off on the wrong foot?? False. I’m starting it off on the right foot. With more unimaginable hate than your feeble brain can calculate.

This is what I know to be true, quantifiable, empirical, irrevocable FACT: NO ONE LOVES THE TEXAS AGGIES. In the history of the world, no man has ever loved the Aggies that loves another school. “No man can serve two masters.” -The Bible.

And we’ve worked for decades to position ourselves like that and maintain said position.

You don’t respect me or my brothers. You see me as an opportunity, not a challenge. You don’t see majestic Maroon, you see greed green. You think just because you bought a month’s worth of our TexAgs that you can just come on in bang my wife? And now you think I’m just gonna let you into TEXAS and bang my recruits too?? Well, fuck you.

I don’t want to callabo hate for the sips with you, bc you don’t hate the sips like I do. I buried the greatest Aggie I’ve ever known last year on a t.u. pennant, because the guy hated the sips so intensely. Blind hatred, gentlemen. A man who well into his 80s couldn’t look a horn in the eye because he knew they were vile and untrustworthy. Hell, you probably own something in your house that is some shade of orange? Ha! No, no, you don’t hate sips like I do.

Some Razorback cock wrinkle had the audacity to proclaim yesterday that after the hate on the field, he likes to drink and eat with the other SEC teams and party. Well, I don’t want an invite. I’m not going to Baton Rouge to have a beignet and wax nostalgic about the time they fucked with our bank roll. I’m not gonna draw some blurred parallel between Auburn and myself, because we’re both products of a land grant Agriculture and Mechanical Colleges. They’re not like me. They work for me.

I’m not going to Gainesville to take a picture with Tim Tebow. And I’m not gonna spell words like “Tibeaux”, because that shit doesn’t make phonetic sense to me. I’m a Texas man, goddammit. With tha sausage, and the fried eggs, and the T-bone steaks.

We, The Texas Aggies are gonna grace whatever Conference WE decide will benefit US the most. We’re 100 MILLION cockstrong, rabid, bloodthirsty fans. With loaded wallets and vacation days abundant.

If the Aggies are playin on the moon, you bet your sweet ass, we’re comin too. Even if the moon signed the #1 class in the nation and we’re 100 pt. dogs. We’re buyin the officially licensed bowl shirts, before the game, and Carter Beauford is gonna lead Yell Practice from the Aitken Basin.

I hate that you conned us into Fran. I hate that you got Championships out of Coach Bryant. I hate Schula Steak Houses. I hate croakies, I hate boat shoes, and I hate North Face. I’m gonna make a mess in all your bars, talk loudly, flex my ripped Aggie guns, and feed your women from the flow of my loins.

So you can cool it will the wolf in sheep’s clothing act. You and everyone of your patronizing SEC pals.

We’re not coming to your league to drink beer with you. We’re coming to your league to kick your asses and then steal your beer and then pour it out and drink Lone Star.

Yeah. It’s like this and like that, motherfuckers,



All’s Quiet on the Eastern Front

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There was very little rumors or information flying around the internet yesterday, so not much new to look at or think about at this point beyond all the same information.  I’m not even sure how to take this quiet except to hope that it means the work is being done and the two sides are being great about keeping all information in house for a change.  I’m still very hopeful and excited to hear when the announcement is made.

In the mean time to fill time I made myself a new schedule screensaver for our last season in the Big 12/10/9 and am posting it here in case any of you would like it as well.  For now the the only size I’ve made is 1920×1200.  If you would like a new size or even have change suggestions, let me know and I’ll get others put up as well.



If you would like the wallpaper, click on the image above or for a zipped version click below:

1920×1200 Wallpaper

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Here is another article that might push someone off the fence if they just weren’t sure about taking the SEC leap! It’s worth the read and I’m trying to hold back my excitement because I know this is all a slow process, but all the talk and thought of the Texas Aggies to the SEC heating up, really gets me going!

Texas A&M Bolting to the SEC Is Just a Matter of Time