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Posted on: October 16th, 2010 by SECAG No Comments

I’m just so frustrated watching this Texas Aggie football team play. I never would have imagined going into this season, that the #5 offense in the nation from a year ago would be carried by a defense that finished lower than 100, but that is exactly what is happening.

Our defense is improved beyond where I imagined we could be. It’s hard to watch them be put into bad spot after bad spot because of offensive turnovers causing short fields, and so many three and outs that they are so worn out that they are playing and tackling on pure heart and effort. It is fun to watch defense again, but it would be even nicer to see any kind of offensive effort help them out at all.

Now I’m usually not one for big QB changes or “leadership” changes, but something is just not right with Jerrod Johnson at this point. Be it physical or even worse a mental issue, it is time for a change. I know, I know, the backup quarterback is always the best quarterback on the team, but something needs to happen, and happen now. If it is a physical issue, it’s time for JJ to tell someone and stop pressing and dragging the entire team down. If it is a mental thing, it is beyond time for this coaching staff to recognize this and make the necessary change. I mean we watched this guy literally sit down down TWICE today. I know you don’t want to get hit, no one does, but to completely give up before you are even touched is just embarrassing.

Anyway, I’m riding high on bad emotion and whiskey right now, so I’ll try and get back with more clearer thoughts later this week after I get a chance to re-watch this game(as incredibly painful as it will be).

Oh and if there anyone actually reading this, thanks and sorry I haven’t kept up with this in a while, I’m going to try and make this more of a regular thing, going over Aggie sports and the sporting world in General. On that note, nice job Rangers, congrats not the first home playoff victory ever today, it was definitely earned!